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The Dex Rewards® Program

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Earn up to a 10% credit toward your ad campaign.

Our Dex Rewards Program earns you a credit to apply to your DexYP advertising campaign.
All you need to do is refer qualified businesses who then make a purchase from us.1

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How Dex Rewards Benefits Your Business

  • Save money on your DexYP advertising program.
  • Increase your advertising reach by adding additional products to your campaign. Ask your Marketing Consultant about our online solutions.
  • As your campaign grows, so should your business due to increased exposure.
  • As more businesses advertise with us, our products gain additional content, helping to make them the preferred source for consumers to find providers for all their needs. As more consumers use our products, our clients can benefit from increased traffic and leads.
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How Dex Rewards Works

  • Refer someone you know who could benefit from qualified leads to their business.
  • If the referred business purchases an ad campaign with us, we’ll apply up to 10% of their annual campaign cost toward your current advertising program as a credit on your bill.1
  • You can use your credit on your existing program, or use it toward the purchase of another product to help bring more leads your way. By expanding your product suite, you can get increased exposure and grow your business even more!
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What You Need to Get Started

In order to process your referral, we will need the following details.

  • Your business name
  • Your business phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your billing account ID
  • The name of the businesses you wish to refer
  • The business phone number for the business you wish to refer
  • A contact name for the business you wish to refer

Further details may also be included, but are not required.

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  • Refer a business you know by letting your Media Consultant know their business’s Name, Telephone, Email and the owner’s name.
  • Your Marketing Consultant will email the referral immediately to our Client Care Team to review and process.
  • That’s it! Your credit will be applied when the referred business’s1 DexYP program is activated!2
  1. Restrictions apply, and referred business must meet certain criteria. See program Terms and Conditions for more information. If the qualifying referred business purchases a variable fee product, a fixed credit amount, depending on the item purchased, will be applied to your account.
  2. Activated means when directories publish for print yellow pages or when a program goes live. If the referred business buys all three forms of media, then three separate credits will be issued based on timing of the activations.

Start Earning Credit

Contact your Marketing Consultant today and they will take the information and email it right to our Dex Rewards team for quick processing. Once the referral is approved as eligible, your credit will be applied when the referred business’s DexYP program is activated!2